M-PACT Technology & Software

Through over 70 years of industry experience, we’ve developed the most effective processes and technologies utilized in the industry. In particular, we’ve developed our own industry-leading software, which solves all of your software integration needs.  M-PACT technology is able to capture every step of our packing process, giving you full visibility of your cargo; from the receipt of materials to the final delivery.

M-PACT Technology & Software for Warehousing

M-PACT has been created with a work-flow process in mind, maximizing a more efficient packing process. This enables us to complete your shipment faster, getting cargo to its final destination in a shorter amount of time. Not only does our warehouse management software enable you to ship more efficiently, our system has processes put in place to catch OS&D’s (Overage’s, Shortages & Damages) and reduce the error rate on shipments. This allows you to save money, while providing a better service for you and the end user.

We’d love to take you through a full live demonstration of all processes of our M-PACT Technology & Software, available to be demonstrated at our location, or remotely at your convenience in the comfort of your office or home! Contact us to schedule a demo.