Custom Crating Company in Houston, TX

Morris Export Services is the largest and oldest privately held export packing and service company on the Gulf Coast. Our expertise and commitment is to ensure the integrity of your products’ and materials’ shipment. This includes custom crating services in Houston, TX that specifically fits your unique packaging and shipping specifications, ensuring minimum packing space and cost efficiency!

Custom Big Crates

Each of our clients’ custom crating needs are unique, and we pride ourselves on always thinking both in and outside the box to get your custom export crating job done! We’re a custom crating company in Houston, TX,  specializing in shipping both common and uncommon configurations of deliverables. We’re able to build custom boxes, skids, pallets, and crates, no matter the size or time constraint. Each job is constructed from the highest quality materials in the industry, including using wood that complies with ISPM-15 regulations!

  • Custom-fit lagging for reels
  • Custom saddling and cradling for uniquely shaped material
  • Boxes can be waterproof-paper-lined to provide additional protection during transit
  • Using premium hardwood for oversized custom wood crates
  • Utilizing screw tops for easy access to your materials