On-site packing services

Should you require on-site project packing, Morris Export Services has numerous crews with years of experience of quality packing at manufacturer facilities, rig yards, ports, or your own facility. Our on-site crews are unrivaled in the industry, giving you peace of mind when the need for on-site packing arises. Packing at your facility can save you transportation costs of oversized loads, and can prevent fragile pieces from damage while being transported. 

Sealed Crate Freight Packing and Shipping
Oversized Load for Freight Packing and Shipping

Utilizing our fast and efficient on-site crews allow you to save money in your controlled environment.All our on-site employees have TWIC cards required to work at port facilities. Morris can provide our own fork-lifts and trucks that are fully equipped with capable equipment such as tools, saws, bands, and any other equipment necessary for each unique job.

Looking to get a quote? Contact Herbie Garza and we’d be more than happy to come to your site and give you a free assessment and quote. We are generally available with a 24 hour notice!

Palletted Freight Packing and Shipping