Vinyl Wrap Protection

What is Vinyl Wrap Protection?

Morris Exports heat activated, vinyl wrap protection is a form of cargo wrapping that protects a product from a variety of environmental elements it may encounter during transit, including sun, dirt, grime, rain, snow, ocean spray, and more. Our cargo wrapping services in Houston, TX, shrink-wrap a product with a tough vinyl that forms a very tight weatherproof barrier. This impressively impenetrable level of protection is ideal for any products that do not require a wooden crate for protection.

Vinly Wrap Protection

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap Protection

Vinyl wrap protection offers a number of benefits over traditional means of cargo wrapping and transit protection. Firstly, any kind of product, regardless of its size or weight, can easily be protected because the vinyl will conform to its shape when heated. This taut barrier won’t move or chafe during transit and can withstand inclement weather conditions. In addition to eliminating the risk of surface damage, vinyl wrap protection is also less bulky than other wrapping materials like tarps and plastic sheeting. Vinyl wraps are also one of the most eco-friendly cargo protection solutions available today.

Why Cargo Wrapping is Important

Cargo wrapping is important because it protects a product from potential damages that can be caused by rain, wind, dust, UV rays, and other environmental elements it is exposed to when being shipped long distances. This enables you to provide better guarantees and service to customers. Additionally, some carriers and shipping companies will refuse to transport something if it is not packaged properly.

Do I Need Cargo Wrapping Services?

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a shipping company, if you want to ensure products arrive at their destination in the same clean and undamaged condition as they were when they were sent, our vinyl wrap protection and cargo wrapping services in Houston, TX, can help. Contact Morris Export today for a free expert needs analysis!