Bolsters & Bumper Rings for Pipe Protection in Houston, TX

Morris Export stocks a large inventory of proprietary designed and produced Spiral Pipe Bumper Rings. There are three sizes 2.375″ – 3.5″ (Small – Pipe OD), 4.5″ – 5.5″ (Medium- Pipe OD), 7.0″ – 9.62″ (Large – Pipe OD). Our bumper rings are made of molded Polyethylene/ EVA. Bumper rings and pipe bolsters are used by numerous customers in many industries to protect any pipe that may be coated, easily damaged, or cannot have any “metal to metal” contact during shipping.

Spiral Pipe Protection

We offer flexible designs in bumper rings for pipe protection located in Houston, TX which allows for a fast and easy installation while providing maximum protection for most pipe sizes! Please contact sales with your needs and specifications for pricing.